New Orleans designer reaches out with #Blairisms

NEW ORLEANS - Local designer Blair Dottin-Haley has developed quite the following for what he calls “#Blairisms.”

Dottin-Haley has created a clothing line around the #Blairisms, which are intended to evoke a strong response.

"The #Blairisms themselves are expressions of inspiration, laughter, resistance, reflection, and they're intended to bring those things into the lives of the people who are a part of the #Blairisms movement," he said.

Celebrities near and far are even getting in on the movement.

"Some of the work that I was fortunate enough to do in the entertainment field, and with entertainers, and even in some of the social justice fields, and in politics,” Dottin-Haley said. “It's kind of the combination of all of those things have come together in a way to create a situation that's allowed me an incredible network of people and an incredible support system that are supportive of what I'm doing now."

Dottin-Haley draws a huge amount of inspiration from his hometown, and he’s spreading the word worldwide.

"As a son of the city, we have a very special way of interacting with people and a way of connecting with people in a way that is very truthful and very honest but being very compassionate and very understanding at the same time,” he said. “The messages of #Blairisms, some of them are intended to kind of hit you in the face hard with a lot of tough love, with some things that will make you look at yourself in the mirror and say 'You know what? That might have stung me just now, but I also feel the love behind it that's intending to inspire me or make me reflect.'"

You can see his work here.