N.O.P.D wants you to know where you can get your property back

May 18, 2017 | Updated: 6:52 p.m., May 18, 2017

NEW ORLEANS-- In honor of National Police Week, WGNO's Meghan Kluth did some investigating on what NOPD does with property that is confiscated from crime scenes.

In a nondescript brown building on the corner of Magnolia and Earhart, you can present a release form from a judge and retrieve any of your possessions that were considered evidence during a crime.

"If you have property that's yours, with a judges order we will release it to you! We don't just take it and never give it back, you can come and get it!" said Officer Earl Johnson.

NOPD investigating overnight homicide in N.O. East

While the majority of the evidence that is held are bikes and handguns, the N.O.P.D has seen it all.

"We get it from A to Z, there's nothing we don't take besides liquids and foods," said Officer Bryant Louis.

"The weirdest thing we ever got was a used aluminum can!" said Louis.


On average the N.O.P.D take in 35 bikes a month, and over 75% of the bikes are never reclaimed, so they're then turned over to a youth empowerment program that refurbishes them and sells them.