Pizza and the Playbook: Steve Worthy

New Orleans -- This week on Pizza and the Playbook, Zurich Classic Tournament Director and CEO of the Fore! Kids Foundation, Steve Worthy, sits-down with Karen Loftus to talk their new team format, gators, and PGA golfer superlatives.

KL: The Zurich Classic is the only PGA Tour event in the state of Louisiana, and it's also the only tour event this year, that is doing a new team format. How has that been received by players and by fans?

SW: It's been great. You know you're taking a bit of a chance when you change and do something different. We expected a positive reaction and it's actually been a lot better than we expected.

KL: I've heard that we have some wildlife to look out for-- particularly alligators.

SW: That is true. The alligators have gotten a lot of attention on TV in the past. We've had snakes that have gotten some TV time too. We had a national crew come in and film "Tripod" and did a story-- the 3 legs and he's 12 feet probably.

KL: What's your experience? How close have you gotten?

SW: 30 feet maybe?

KL: That sounds close enough. Have there been any interactions that you've seen over the years where there's been a ball that's been hit near these alligators?

SW: Occasionally it happens. You have some fearless players come over and kind of brush them away and typically they just jump in the water. Some of those guys are a little braver than I might be.

KL: We're going to do something-- PGA Golfer superlatives-- so name the first person that you think of that comes to your mind. Let's start with Best Dressed Golfer.

SW: I'm going to say Luke Donald.

KL: Best swing?

SW: Louis Oosthuizen.

KL: Most likely to hit a hole in one.

SW: Jordan Spieth.

KL: Most media-friendly?

SW: Justin Rose or Rickie Fowler.

KL: Finally, I've got to ask you-- what's your favorite type of pizza.

SW: Typically I like the thinner, New York style pizza. I'm not a veggie guy so I like anything with meat. I like what you have in front of us.

KL: Perfect! That's what we've got. Thank you so much for joining us. We're going to get down with this pizza now.