Actor from New Orleans lands a role in the film ‘Get Out’

NEW ORLEANS - When Trey Burvant isn't running Second Line Stages in New Orleans as a general manager, he's out in the field working as an actor. One of Trey's biggest films was the most recent critically acclaimed film Get Out.

"When I was cast in 'Get Out' as Officer Ryan, I was told that the script was one of the best scripts that people had read in a long time. I purposefully didn't read the script because I wanted to have the same experience the audience had," Burvant said.

Director Jordan Peel is the "real deal," and he proved it when the film was released.

Get Out, which is about a young black man who visits his white girlfriend's mysterious family estatecost $4.5 million to make. So far, the film has made over $140 million.