Bourbon Festival Drink of the Day: Baker’s and Blood

NEW ORLEANS - The inaugural Bourbon Festival is quickly approaching, and to celebrate we're featuring bourbon drinks here at News with a Twist all week long.

Today's bourbon-based Drink of the Day is the Baker's and Blood.

Here's the recipe:

Two slices of lemon
A few sprigs of mint
Blood orange slices
Half-ounce of honey
2 ounces Baker’s Bourbon
San Pellegrino blood orange soda

Start with a few sprigs of mint, two slices of lemon, a half ounce of honey, then you just stir a little bit to get the ingredients together. Add two ounces of Baker's bourbon. Put all the ingredients in a shaker. Pour into glass with ice and top with San Pellegrino blood orange soda. Garnish with a few sprigs of mint and a blood orange slice.