Martine’s Lounge Drink of the Day: Jasmine 75

METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) - Our friends over at Martine's Lounge have the perfect drink for your holiday party - or for any time of year.

The Drink of the Day for Wednesday, Dec. 21 is the Jasmine 75.

To make a Jasmine 75, you`ll need Beefeater gin, sparkling wine, rhubarb bitters, jasmine water, fresh lemon and just a little bit of simple syrup.

First, you muddle the lemon and simple syrup. Just a little bit of simple syrup - you don`t need a lot - then add ice.

Next, add a shot of Beefeater gin, followed by four-to-five dashes of rhubarb bitters, then eight dashes of the jasmine water.

Strain it into your cup and top it with sparkling wine.

Add a lemon twist for garnish - and enjoy!


You can try this drink or choose another tasty concoction at Martine's Lounge, 2347 Metairie Road.