There’s going to be a big photo on Dec 3 and everyone’s invited to be in it

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Photo provided by Linda Pailet

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Linda Pailet is a trailblazer.  She’s a captain with the NOFD, perhaps the first woman to reach that rank in the department.  But away from the job, she has another project on the back burner.

Saturday, December 3, Pailet wants you to join her for a photograph.  She’s inviting everyone — people from all walks of life.  She says that since the presidential election, our community has been too divided.  So she wants everyone to get together, smile, and heal.

The photo will be taken at the Tree of Life in Audubon Park.  It’s located near the end of Annunciation Street by the park.  Meet at 10:00 in the morning.  Pailet hopes to have everyone arranged and the photo snapped in an hour or less.

If you voted for Trump, you’re invited.  Voted for Hillary?  You’re invited, too.  Voted for someone else or didn’t vote at all?  There’s also a place for you.

Pailet simply asks that you not wear and clothing or bring any signs that might divide rather than build a positive message.

If you’d like more information, click here.

This isn’t Pailet’s first photo project.  After the police shootings, she brought together a group of first responders for a photo in the park.  She hopes Saturday’s crowd will be even bigger.