Thanksgiving airline passengers share their positive travel stories

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KENNER (WGNO) - Twist reporter Jacqueline Mazur stopped by the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport to speak with passengers about their positive travel experiences.

Here's what people are saying:

"There was no real security line, we blew through security and had no troubles at all," says Douglas Padian from Chicago. His wife Eileen shared his sentiment telling Mazur "The airlines were well prepared, coached us through everything, we were are able to get on our flight and no delays."

"The stewardesses couldn't have been nicer. It was really turbulent but they were super accommodating and and did the best they could," says Chrissy Jones from Chicago.

"I actually had a very easy day. Very short lines, TSA was very easy everywhere I went and right off the planes, great weather so as far as traveling in a holiday week, it's been great," says Lennon Medvick from Ohio.

"It took me four minutes from my car to the gate, so it was just very easy this year. A lot of people, but I didn't have to wait for anything," says Sean Ray from San Francisco.

Mazur reports people's holiday travel experiences were overwhelmingly positive. Other than the turbulence on the Chicago flight, passengers were just happy to make it to the Big Easy safely. -just one more thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.