Dr. Rachel: Tired after turkey?

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - After the turkey's been eaten, your Uncle is probably snoring on the couch, but that sleepy feeling isn't actually the turkey's fault.

Most of us feel full after eating a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Turkey is a fabulous food! Dr. Rachel says that it is full of vitamins, especially B vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, and minerals. It also has selenium which helps prevent cancer. Dark meat has more of these great things but it also has fat.

Dr. Rachel says, "four ounces of white turkey meat, which is the size of a deck of cards, has only 150 calories, zero carbs and 34 grams of protein. That same serving of dark meat contains only 180 calories, zero carbs, 32 grams of protein, and about 5 grams of fat. That is without the skin."

Eating foods, like turkey, that are high in protein, also makes us feel full sooner and keep that full feeling for a longer period of time. People think that they feel sleepy after eating a large turkey dinner because turkey contains tryptophan, a chemical that promotes sleep. This is probably not true. All meats, some fish, seeds, and nuts have more tryptophan than turkey!

We actually need to blame all the high carbohydrate foods like potatoes, stuffing, bread, pie and the work it takes our body to digest all that food for our sleepiness. Add any alcohol and it is definitely nap time.