Makin’ Groceries: Breaux Mart started with Grandpa Breaux

METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) - After World War II, Paul Breaux was looking for a way to support his family, so Paul and his brother-in-law Joe entered the supermarket industry.

"It was called B and C Supermarkets, and they had multiple locations around New Orleans," says Jay Breaux, with Breaux Mart.

This week, News with a Twist is bringing you the stories behind the city's best family-owned grocery stores with our Makin' Groceries series.

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The first Breaux Mart opened in 1971 in Westwego on Barataria Boulevard, and the community has been so supportive over the years, the Breaux family now owns and operates five stores throughout the greater New Orleans area.

"We wanted to be an everyday, go-to grocery store. We've always offered a clean shopping experience, and we've always offered the best prices that we could offer.  We know our customers and our customers know our employees. We're selling an experience," says Breaux.