Beauty Tips with Dr. Burkenstock: How your genes can affect your jeans

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Dr. Kelly Burkenstock of Skin Body Health in Metairie and Mandeville has developed a multi-step approach to weight loss called Dare to be Thin.

As part of the program, they swipe your to test your DNA and your genes. Why?

“If you’ve ever tried to join a diet program with your friend, and your friend lost weight and you didn’t, the answer is probably in your genes, your DNA makeup. We’re all unique,” Dr. Burkenstock explains. “When we find out this information, it tells us what macro nutrients – carbohydrates and fats – and what percentage you individually should be eating.”

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Based on that information, a low-carb or a high-fat or a high-protein diet, or maybe a mixture, might be the right diet for you.

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