Pre-schoolers make the right decision for America by electing Oreos

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NEW ORLEANS(WGNO)-- First Baptist New Orleans Early Learning Center held their own election Tuesday. Pre-schoolers and toddlers had the tough decision to make between Oreos and Chocolate chip cookies.

This election was just like any other, undecided voters and all. "We had some chocolate chip supporters go Oreo last minute, it was very surprising," said Suzanne Burnette, director of early learning center.

The toddlers were first asked to taste the cookies, and then once they had ample time to decide which one they preferred, they hit the polls. They filled out their ballot, dropped it in the vote box, and then received a sticker.

The process was meant to teach the little ones about elections, but they were mostly just excited about cookies. In the end, Oreos came out on top but we hear chocolate chip will be the first choice for running mate.