How To: Teach seventh graders about the presidential election

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(WGNO) – As we gear up for Wednesday’s third and final debate, there is at least one teacher in the United States who is having some difficulty teaching his seventh grade class about this year’s presidential election. The New York Times reports Mr. Wathke, a teacher at DeLong Middle School in Wisconsin, is not planning to show his students the debate on television due to the raw nature of the previous two debates.

“It’s a total mess,” says Mr. Wathke. “Honestly, I just can’t wait until it’s over,” he says.

The previous two presidential debates have covered everything from adultery and sexual assault, to bans on Muslims and walls to keep out Mexicans. It’s topics like these that are arguably creating roadblocks within the teaching process. Some teachers are planning mock debates in class before the election, but Wathke fears that format might invite students to insult one another. One student in Wathke’s class compared the debates to The Hunger Games.

In response to his students comments Mr. Wathke said he didn’t want to shield his students from the debate.

“There are some things in there that just aren’t appropriate for school. So we’re going to stick to the issues today,” said Wathke.