Get the Skinny: Guilt-Free Late-Night Snacks

Late-night snacking is a challenge for many of us – it doesn’t have to be a diet disaster. The key is to keep it controlled – ideally something protein-rich and low in carbs. And of course, it’s key to understand WHY reaching for a snack.  But as we continue to work toward understanding and buffering our nighttime cravings, here are 5 late-night snacks that we can indulge in, guilt-free.


  • Important to tune into why we crave. Do we really “need” a snack, or we just want one?
  • Are we using food to unwind, simply numbing out from the stressors of the day?
  • Are we tired, looking for a pick-me-up, when what we really need is to simply go to bed?
  • Understanding why we experience late-night cravings is key to controlling these impulses, so that an evening snack becomes more of a “treat” instead of seemingly uncontrollable impulses.


  1. PROTEIN FUDGESICLES: DIY with casein protein powder + unsweetened almond milk

Casein is a slow-digesting milk-based protein that provides a steady release of amino acids that can help to curb hunger and minimize muscle losses that occur overnight while sleeping.

Mix 1 scoop protein powder (any variety can work: whey, plant-based, casein) + 4 oz almond milk. Pour into popsicle mold & freeze for 4+ hours.  Allow to sit at room temp 5 minutes or so before eating.



35 calories & 3 grams protein per ½-cup serving; first ingredient after water is whey protein.

No artificial sweeteners; only 5 grams naturally-occurring milk sugar



Rich in casein, pair cottage cheese with flavors for savory or sweet, or make a creamy frozen pop.

Savory ideas:  Cherry tomatoes + basil with balsamic reduction. Fresh salsa. Creole seasoning, tomato.

Sweet ideas:  Fresh or frozen berries. Swerve and cinnamon with (optional) apples or peaches


Creamy Popsicles:  Puree cottage cheese until smooth, then fold in berries of choice, optional fresh herbs, and Swerve. Pour into popsicle mold & freeze for 4+ hours.  Allow to sit at room temp 5 minutes or so before eating.



Blend Powdered Peanut Butter like PB2 with plain lowfat Greek yogurt for a fluffy, sweet, protein-rich fruit dip.   Dip berries (among the lowest-carb, fiber-rich fruits), or apple or pear slices.



Add protein powder to your favorite no-sugar pudding mix (two scoops per four-serving box; whey protein generally has the best texture for pudding). Match protein flavor with pudding (e.g. chocolate protein for chocolate pudding, vanilla protein for vanilla, etc).

Or try ready-made store-bought protein pudding like MHP Power Pak Pudding (190 calories & 30 gram protein) or MHP Fit & Lean Protein Pudding (100 calories & 15 grams protein)



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