Halloween DIY Costume of the Day: Skeleton



NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Halloween is just around the corner! Our producer, Taylor Feingold, is showing us a new do it yourself costume each day this month.

Today’s DIY costume is perfect for someone who feels uninspired by their closet. The only items required for this costume are a t-shirt, a contrasting color tank top and a pair of scissors.

I found a gray shirt in my closet that I don’t really wear anymore and got to work! I cut out a simple skeleton pattern, sort of like this one:


Next, I put my cut up t-shirt on top of the contrasting color tank top. You can wear this look with jeans for a casual vibe, or pair it with skeleton leggings to make it extra spooky!

As for makeup, I kept it simple with a daytime smokey eye and dark lipstick, but you can definitely go all out. I think a black contour or black lipstick would look great with this costume.

Check back tomorrow to see what kind of other costume tricks I have up my sleeve. Happy Halloween!