Halloween DIY Costume of the Day: Hippie

October 3, 2016 | Updated: 1:47 p.m., October 3, 2016


Taylor Feingold in her Hippie costume on our News With A Twist Set

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Halloween is just around the corner! Our producer, Taylor Feingold, is showing us a new do it yourself costume each day this month.

Today’s DIY costume is far out, man! A hippie is an easy go-to costume with clothes you probably already have in your closet.

To put together this look, I put on a pair of flared jeans to function as my bell bottoms, grabbed a comfortable flowy top, and paired it with a fringed kimono. I decided to wear my strappy sandals, but I also thought about breaking out the old Birkenstocks. For my accessories, I searched high and low for anything with a peace sign and came across this metal necklace I had forgotten all about! As for makeup, keep it simple. A neutral look will really make your inner hippie shine through. A headband and middle part complete my look.

The key to a hippie costume is looking for relaxed, flowy pieces that are also very comfortable. Some other key elements to look for in your closet include tie-dye, flower prints, fringe and round glasses.

Check back tomorrow to see what kind of other costume tricks I have up my sleeve. Happy Halloween!