‘Ditzyland’ is a hilarious Disney parody with a lot of love for New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The Rickey Graham Show is back with another go of “Ditzyland,” the hilarious Disney parody with New Orleans references.

The play is all things Disney, but in an effort to not get sued, everything is renamed. For example, instead of Hakuna Matata, it’s “a big muffaletta.”

Other New Orleans tweaks include Mary Poopins, who drives down T-C-H-O-U-P-I-T-O-U-L-A-S, and the little mermaid, who lives in a submerged car in Bayou St. John.

New play pokes fun at ‘night owls of the French Quarter’

The show is Saturday, Oct. 1 at the Fuhrman Auditorium in Covington.

Tickets are $25. You can get them at the door. There’s also a cash bar and free parking for your designated driver.