Pup News: Meet Mason

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Mason is a 1 to 2-year-old, pocket-sized male weighing around 40 pounds that has the appearance of a puppy!  Mason was one of four dogs seized by Animal Control as he was tied to a tree along with other dogs in a backyard.

Mason and the other dogs were brought to the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter and had to wait until they were released for adoption.  Being at the shelter since July has not affected Mason one bit!

He is very loving and sweet and enjoys hugs and kisses.  Even though he had a rough start to life, he is good with other dogs and cats, and doesn't appear to have any food or toy aggression.  Mason became a favorite of volunteers and staff and has been placed in a foster home where they have been able to learn more about him.

Mason is overall a very happy-go-lucky type of dog that loves everyone and everything.  He bonds to people rather quickly and would be the PERFECT companion dog for someone that wants a buddy.  Mason has been working in his foster home to have better manners and could use continued training.

He is very eager to learn and is a very gentle, polite treat taker.  Mason would do great in almost any home willing to give him the time and attention he deserves.  He enjoys playing with his Labrador foster brother, so a home with another dog might be best but not required.  If you're interested in Mason, please send his foster parents an email at marco.brittaney@gmail.com!

The Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter adoption fee is $67. The adoption fee includes vaccinations, mandatory spay/neuter, heartworm test, and microchip.

For more information about the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter, please visit their website.

For more information about Mason, please visit his website.