It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day and Krispy Kreme is celebrating with free doughnuts

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Ahoy, it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day at participating Krispy Kreme locations Monday, and that means free doughnuts for those willing to dress, or talk, like a pirate.

Simply go to your local Krispy Kreme location and do your best pirate impression — or just say “Ahoy” — and receive a free original glazed doughnut, the company stated on their website.

Those dressing like a pirate can take home an even greater haul.

A dozen original glazed doughnuts will be given to anyone wearing at least three pieces of pirate garb.

The eligible items include a pirate hat, bandana, eye-patch, costume hook pirate shirt, peg leg, parrot or knickers, according to the website.

If you want a dozen doughnuts, but don’t have any pirate clothes lying around, there is also a virtual option.

Krispy Kreme now has a Snapchat pirate filter, which will allow you to digitally dress like a pirate.

“Show your snap to a team member inside the shop and score ye bounty,” the Krispy Kreme Facebook post read.