‘Pippin’ musical revival brings mystique & magic to historic Le Petit Theatre

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - The revival of the hit Broadway musical "Pippin" from the 1970s is making its way to Le Petit Theatre.

New Orleans is the first in the country to get this show, which is full of magic, mystique and acrobats.  Broadway actor, civic activist and TV's Mad Men actor Bryan Batt is giving the show a little star power.



"Pippin is a great show.  A lot of people know the Broadway show, but haven't seen it.  It's one of Broadway's best scores by Stephen Schwartz, who did Wicked and Godspell.  I called Stephen Schwartz, and he said we'd be the first in the country to do the new revival version of Pippin," Batt said.

The musical director is Natalie True. Batt's husband, Tom Cianfichi is directing this coming of age musical about a young prince in search of meaning.  Along the way, magical mysteries ensue.

Acrobat Gretchen Ernst, better known as "Gretchen in Motion," brings the sexiness of the show to new heights.  Aerodynamic spins and twists through the air give Pippin that extra flair.

"I spend four to six hours a day basically just doing handstands.  The strength training from that makes me able to do anything in the air.  Being in the air makes me feel like everything else is going away.  It's just peaceful.  It's great to be doing what I love, in a city I love.  I feel like I'm doing what I came on this planet to do," she said.



"It really is a magical show.  You're going to love it.  When I was in college, I would have Broadway dinner theater with my friends.  Pippin was the No. 1 show I'd act out," Batt said.

Le Petit is one of the only theaters  in New Orleans with a live orchestra.   Pippin opens on Friday,  Sept. 16 and closes on Oct. 2.

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