The Robert Irvine Show coming to the New Orleans’ airwaves

Robert Irvine is known as the expert that rescues troubled restaurants in the Food Network's Restaurant: Impossible.

Now, he will be rescuing troubled relationships on daytime TV in The Robert Irvine Show, premiering Monday, September 12, at 3 p.m. on NOLA38.

"When we did Restaurant: Impossible, we had a restaurant and a family. If you take away the family, you've got The Robert Irvine Show," says Irvine.

His direct and in-your-face approach to fixing problems will also be in the show.

"'Direct' is an understatement," Irvine clarifies. "We don't have a lot of time to get to the bottom of issues."

Irvine plans to focus on issues that tear relationships apart, like addiction, infidelity, and cruelty. This means plenty of yelling, some fighting, and some tense situations on the stage. But, Irvine's goal to solve his guests' problems, not exploit them.

"It's my job to decipher, listen, and give the resolution that I believe is best-fitted for that individual, for that couple, or for that family," he explains. "Whether you're sitting on a couch at home in the afternoon while your kids are at school, or if you've got issues going on, something comes up on that screen you see on The Robert Irvine Show.... I give you a direction you can follow."