A Who Dat couple’s adorable love story and Superdome proposal

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - A Who Dat couple’s engagement was caught on camera at the Superdome, and now they’re getting ready to attend this weekend’s game as fiances. We give you an inside look at this adorable love story.

"Who Dat say dey gon' beat dem Saints!"

Rae Kirkup and Charles Ingram are Saints fans.

“She’s such a Saints fan. It doesn’t make any difference! You have to be!" said Charles.
"He wouldn’t be in my life if he wasn’t – I can tell you that," said Rae.

Yeah, Rae takes it to whole other level!

“Oh my God, my feet are so far deep in Mississippi mud, you can’t get em out. I was born in New Orleans. I was at the first game when John Gilliam ran back the first kick off. I have been to most of the games," said Rae.

So how did these Who Dats meet each other?

“Our Time dating service! You need companionship. My son, when I was single, said, 'Mama, you can’t do that!' And I said, 'Well, then I am going to sit in a bar!' 'Oh Mother!' 'Well, what choice do I have? At least I’ll meet him for coffee in a very public place. And if I don’t like him I’ll press the eject button!'” said Rae.

Well, Rae did not hit the eject button, and after six months of dating, Charles decided to propose at the Saints game last week against the Ravens in a suite. It's an unforgettable memory that’s firmly implanted in their hearts and minds.

“What did the sign say? It says uh: 'Rae? I want to,'" said Rae.
"No, it didn’t say that (laughing)," said Charles.
"What did it say!?” said Rae.

That’s alright. They have video documentation of what happened - and that video has gone viral.

“And now we’re at 640 million people viewed," said Charles.
" No, hundred thousand," said Rae.
"Million! No it’s million! Wait – thousands… that’s right (laughing)," said Charles.

And this weekend, they’ll be heading back to their engagement spot.

“Oh yes, Sunday! Sunday’s the opening game. I’ll be in my tutu rolling for my babies (laughing)," said Rae.

The Saints take on the Raiders at noon this Sunday So if you’re there, make sure you tell Rae and Charles congratulations!