Hynes Charter School

September 7, 2016 | Updated: 3:13 p.m., November 3, 2016

Hynes Charter School is proud of our culturally rich and diverse population. Students are taught by a highly qualified and certified teaching staff who use data to drive instruction.

Courses for gifted & talented, French immersion, computer literacy, physical education, music, band, gifted in the arts and theater are offered. In addition to our core and elective teaching staff, Hynes employs four interventionist teachers,  a social worker, nurse, and English as a second language teacher.

Literacy and math facilitators measure student progress quarterly and work to ensure student achievement.

Before and after school care programs are offered for a fee to students whose families are in need of this service. Morning breakfast is available, and after school care provides an afternoon snack, a quiet time to work on homework, as well as outdoor playtime activities.

Contact the school for more information on enrollment. Students must be Orleans Parish residents.

Call 504-483-6100 or visit them online: HynesSchool.org

Edward Hynes Charter School

900 Harrison Ave

New Orleans LA 70124