Susy and LBJ get first taste of the new Haydel’s Hand Pies

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)- It's been 4 years since the big fire that took out the Hubig's pie plant and took away generations of New Orleans goodness.  And while we've heard rumors that they were going to return, the city has decided to let folks build residential units on the old site.

New Haydel's Hand Pies (Haydel's Bakery)

New Haydel's Hand Pies (Haydel's Bakery)

Well now another NOLA baking institution, Haydel's Bakery has decided to step into the void left and deliver their version of what they're call the "Hand Pie."

The new pieces will come in 4 flavors (Apple, Lemon, Chocolate, and Cherry) and Susy and LBJ of News With a Twist were the first to try.

Ryan Haydel told us the new pies will be available next Friday (Sept. 9) at Haydel's Bakery on Jefferson Highway and at all Fleurty Girl locations.