Target tee sparks outrage again


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)-  Target stores are no stranger to controversy involving what some folks call ‘insensitive clothing.”

Remember the “Trophy Wife” t-shirt?


Some folks thought this encouraged ‘rape culture.’

Who can forget the holiday “OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” sweater?


Folks felt this was insensitive towards people who suffer from the real disease, and they were quick to point out that it is not a joke.

Target Australia has been taking heat over this latest t-shirt for girls.


It’s a to-do list for Batgirl.  So what’s stirring up folks? The to-do list.

Some are calling it sexist, saying in the middle of fighting crime, Batgirl has to dryclean cape and wash batmobile?

Target Australia has since pulled the t-shirt from its line.