Tropical Depression 9 expected to strengthen, currently not a threat to LA or MS

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Tropical Depression 9 continues to be disorganized Monday morning.

Strong northerly shear in the area is causing the bulk of the thunderstorm activity with the system to be pushed well south of the center. Really most of the northern and west side of the center is exposed without any significant convection. Dry air to the northwest of the system is also helping to keep it weak.


The latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center follows most of the forecast models, which create a turn to the northeast taking the storm to Florida. It does look like the system will strengthen some over the next couple of days to a high-end tropical storm before landfall.

Impacts to Louisiana and Mississippi should be minimal. The storm will bring higher seas and some rough waters to the Gulf near the coast. We could also see an increase in northeasterly wind around the system as it passes by. A period of easterly wind could increase tide levels and lead to some minor coastal flooding.

Right now it looks like the storm should provide some drier and hotter conditions through the rest of the week.