Two women, two DUIs, zero pants

TROY, MI (WGNO) --  A traffic stop in Michigan is grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Police say they pulled over Samantha Alfaro to arrest her for drunk driving, but she was naked from the waist down.

20160826 dui 1

You can hear the female officer in dash cam video asking Alfaro to put her clothes on.  She says, "Just put your pants on, ok, because there's a male officer coming and I don't want you to be exposed, you know."

20160826 dui 2

Alfaro did get dressed and was arrested and booked for DUI.

However, it doesn't end there.  Alfaro's friend picked her up from the police station, but was also busted for DUI, just after leaving.

20160826 dui 3

And in maybe the most bizarre twist of the story, police say her friend wasn't wearing pants either.