Invest 99L weak, but needs to be watched


The tropical wave near the Bahamas continues to be very poorly organized Friday morning. In fact the recon flight scheduled to take place to investigate the system has been cancelled. At this point we have a very weak area of circulation. However thunderstorm activity was continuing to redevelop east of the center, which could indicate the overall conditions are improving for this storm to develop.

It is still very early in the process of worrying about this system in the northern gulf of Mexico. However, if it remains away from land there is a decent chance that the disorganized center will move into the Gulf of Mexico.


The image above indicates where I (Hank Allen) think this system will move over the next several days. Once it gets into the southeastern gulf you do have a better potential for strengthening, which is why this storm should continue to be monitored.

Many possibilities exist in regards to the eventual track and intensity of this system over the next several days. While not currently a threat to southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi, it still has the potential to develop into one.

Prepare now should a storm come this way. Have supplies and important documents ready to go should you need to stay or evacuate.