Hollywood South News with Jabari: NCIS: New Orleans gives releif to flood victims & UNO film school is back in session



People from all over our area are still helping flood victims in and around Baton Rouge. Many workers who work on the production of NCIS: New Orleans were affected as well. Since the production is shot in New Orleans, the production decided to step up to help the evacuees. Watch the interview with NCIS: New Orleans producer James Hayman above.

Scream Queens

It's not just productions that are giving back to the community. Projects no longer shooting here like Scream Queens are giving back as well. Jamie Lee Curtis and the rest of the cast of Scream Queens are also donating. 21st Century Fox, which produces Scream Queens and American Horror Story, donated $100,000 to the United Way Flood Fund.

The University of New Orleans Film School

School is back in session at UNO and so is their film school. Students will learn all the dynamics it takes to become that fabulous filmmaker. They'll learn cinematography, editing, directing, acting, props, and many more skills involving the film industry. To find out all UNO has to offer CLICK HERE.