Slidell police search for car in road rage case with shots fired

SLIDELL, LA (WGNO) -- Slidell police are trying to track down a red Ford Mustang in connection with a road rage incident.  It's the latest case featured on the Wheel of Justice.

According to police, the confrontation happened near the intersection of Cleveland Avenue and Carey Street at about 3:30 in the afternoon on July 23.


They say there was a confrontation and, at one point, the driver of the red car pulled a 9mm pistol and fired multiple rounds before leaving the scene.

Police are looking for the car and its owner.  If you know anything about the case, you're asked to contact Slidell police at 985-646-4206.

The SPD also posted the case on its Facebook page.  Click here to see.

If you can help solve this case, call the Slidell Police Department at 985-646-4206.

So far, 320 people have landed behind bars after their cases rolled on the Wheel of Justice.