Fiona fizzles while two more areas in Atlantic need watching


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – As we head into the heart of hurricane season the tropical Atlantic remains active. Tropical depression Fiona continues to lose steam as it turns northward towards Bermuda. After spending four days as a tropical storm, Fiona degenerated into a depression early Monday morning and is expected to lose its tropical characteristics altogether later in the day.

TD Fiona 08-22-16

As Fiona fizzles, two more areas of interest are churning across the Atlantic. Once, located off the coast of Africa is most likely going to develop into a depression or tropical storm late Monday afternoon. If it is a tropical storm, the next name on the list would be Gaston. While intensification is likely, this system is expected to turn north in a few days into the open Atlantic and should only affect shipping routes for the time being.

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Closer to the Antilles islands, another tropical wave could move into favorable waters in the next few days. While atmospheric conditions aren’t favorable at the moment due to dry African air and Saharan dust, as the system moves west and eventually west-northwest, development could occur as it nears Hispaniola and the Bahamas later in the week. While it is too soon to tell, interests along the Southeastern Atlantic coastline should monitor this system as we head into the weekend.