Drew Brees, other NFL heavyweights star in new line of Campbell’s Chunky Soup commercials

(WGNO) – Drew Brees has added Campbell’s Chunky Soup to his long list of endorsements. This time, he joins fellow NFL heavyweights¬†Odell Beckham Jr., Eddie Lacy, Todd Gurley, Eric Ebron and Kyle Long in the “Everyman All-Star League” draft, in which Brees and the others draft normal, non-football-star men to their “everyman” teams.

Brees calls Beckham up first, and Beckham goes with “Mitch Greenwald,” a “welder, volunteer fireman, AND he makes tiny doll furniture for his daughter.”

“Look how tiny it is,” Beckham says excitedly.

“Dang it,” Brees snaps back. “I was gonna pick Mitch.”

Todd Gurley chimes in, too.

“Adorable,” he says in the new commercial.

The new campaign encourages men to visit everymanleague.com to enter their names for a chance to be drafted into the “Everyman All-Star League.”