‘I will survive, I have nowhere to go.’ Folks in Amite surviving after horrible flood

AMITE, La. (WGNO)-  In Tangipahoa Parish, people living there are still cleaning up and picking up the pieces left by last week's horrible flooding.

WGNO's Kenny Lopez went to Amite to check on folks there.

As floodwaters are receding, signs of loss cling to trees along the Tangipahoa River, where folks in Amite were affected most.



James Jallemen Jr. says he's never seen so much water in his life - water so high it came up to his forehead.


"I lost everything.  I lost all my appliances, my stove, my ice box, my bed.  I've been sleeping on an air mattress outside temporarily until I can get a camper trailer," he said.



Priority No. 1 for him now is cleaning up.  He's worried about bacteria growing in the leftover flood water.    The American Red Cross dropped off food and cleaning supplies for him.


It was a scary storm, he said, but ultimately it couldn't scare off his resilience.

"I'm going to make it through.  I will survive.  I'm not going anywhere.  I have nowhere to go,"  he said.

And among all this chaos, there was a bright spot.

"I fixed my air conditioning, so that's working now.  I'm glad I fixed it,"  he said.