How do you say ‘hummus’? Ask Tal at Tal’s Hummus in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - The name of the place is Tal's Hummus.

It's on Magazine Street.  It's been there for only a few months.

And it's called Tal's Hummus because back in the back, back in the kitchen, Tal is working really hard.

He's making hummus. And he's making it by hand the way he grew up making it in Israel.

WGNO News with a Twist features reporter Wild Bill Wood wants you to get a taste test.

And Wild Bill wants you to get an up close and personal lesson from Tal on just how you pronounce the word, "hummus".

Tal's got the pronunciation.  And he's got the original recipe.

Good thing he's ready with the recipe and hummus by the bowl because the line gets long at the counter.

That's because Tal's Hummus is a New Orleans hummus bar.

That's right, a hummus bar.

People come in to mix and mingle.  There are no martinis served.  Just mashed up servings of sexy chick peas.

That's the basic ingredient for the hummus at Tal's Hummus.

And lately, everybody gets a bit and a bite of breaking news.

According to Tal, eating too much hummus can cause you to hallucinate.

At least after the hallucinating, so far, no reports of any hummus hangovers.