Commentary: Where are all the ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists now?

Flooding in Denham Springs courtesy GOHSEP Facebook page

Flooding in Denham Springs courtesy GOHSEP Facebook page

A couple of days ago, a Baton Rouge rapper by the name of “Jiggy Down Tommysocks” (real name- no joke) posted a video on Facebook asking the question, ‘Where are the ‘Black Lives Matter’ or the ‘Black Panther’ boats to help folks in trouble in Louisiana?  His point was that we had an influx of people in Baton Rouge to protest, but now that families here need help, these activists have been absent.

Watch Tommysocks’ video here.

And while I rarely get my own political or social viewpoints from hip hop artists, I think Mr. Tommysocks is on to something.  In fact, I feel that the horrible destruction of the lives and property in our state, while not as sexy as police brutality or police officers getting murdered, is being largely overlooked by many in our society.

Not only have the national media (CNN, FOX, etc.) given tepid coverage, but so have national politicians from the White House to both candidates seeking to make that house their home for the next four years.

No question, I’ve supported our president over his term, and I agree with much of what he’s done, but if we can call on George Bush to get his butt down here in the wake of Katrina, then President Obama must get here, too – if no other reason than to comfort the thousands hurting across our state.

Since this was not a named storm like a hurricane or a big hit like a  tornado, we’ve underestimated the damage to homes and people.

The good news is we can now all get into action.

Thanks, Mr. Tommysocks

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