Love Evolution performs ‘Black and Gold’ on the Twist Stage

Semaj and Mr. Lorrius say their music is about the evolution of love. Hence, the name of their group: Love Evolution.

"Our music is a fusion of many different genres," says Semaj, a New Orleans native. "From hip-hop to soul, to funk, to folk, to rock, it's everything. It's for all audiences."

"Our music can literally take so many different forms, depending on the situation, " Mr. Lorrius adds. "If we have an electric guitarist and a violinist, you're going to feel something different than if we got an organ player and a drummer that show."

Mixing musical styles has been good for Love Evolution.  Semaj and Mr. Lorrius were the local winners of the Live Wholly Tour artist competition sponsored by Wholly Guacamole. Now, they have a shot at the grand prize of $10,000 to help them achieve their musical goals.

And you can help by voting for Love Evolution on the Live Wholly Tour website when voting starts Sunday, August 21.

Love Evolution has a big show Saturday, August 20, at Republic NOLA, 7 p.m.  The show is called "Our Real New Orleans Experience" and is their introduction to the city. They will be playing the song they hope will become an anthem for Saints fans: "Black & Gold."

"No one in New Orleans really knows Love Evolution yet," says Semaj. "And to us, the best way to introduce ourselves to the city is to show our love for the city and to show our love for our favorite football team: the Saints."

Love Evolution will share the stage at Republic NOLA will a few of the best local musicians: Tank, from Tank and the Bangas, Chad Quentin, Donald Surtain, and more.

"There are be so many amazing artists that will be at this show performing with us," says Semaj. "And it's not a set-to-set type of show. This is a full-out, theatrical, multi-media concert."

For more information about Love Evolution, check out their website: