On a roll, rolled up, rolled around, don’t roll your eyes, it’s ice cream!

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - The temperature in one man's office is 22 degrees below zero.

That's like the temperature in Minneapolis in the middle of January.

But this is the middle of August.  And it's New Orleans.

That's where WGNO News with a Twist features reporter Wild Bill Wood has found an ice cream man working.

He's an ice cream man who's really on a roll.  His name is Vincent Minos.

Vincent and his ice cream come from France. Vincent came to New Orleans with his wife who's a French teacher.

You'll see his ice cream stand set up on Magazine Street.  It's under a couple of green umbrellas right in from of Dat Dog.

And what makes his ice cream stand out is the way Vincent makes it.

His ice cream is on a roll, rolled up, rolled around, rolled out, don't roll your eyes!

Maybe the taste of ice cream is even better when it's rolled up.

Like a rug.

Like an egg roll.

Vincent calls his ice cream creations and his ice cream stand, Dat Iceroll.

As for the price, well, depends on if you're nice.

Vincent shows Wild Bill the price list.  Depending on how nice your face looks determines the price of what you pay for a dish of ice cream at Dat Iceroll.