‘It hurts my heart’: Ponchatoula family returns to flooded home

PONCHATOULA, La. (WGNO) - The Kenney's headed for higher ground Saturday after their Ponchatoula home started taking on water. They returned to their flooded home Sunday morning, hand in hand, bracing themselves for whatever lie on the other side of their front door.

A wet welcome home -- and the Kenney's just moved back into this house a month ago, after finally finishing repairs from the flood in March. For the second time in a year, losing so much.

"And really what we wanted to save the most was the babies rooms," said Brad Kenney of Ponchatoula.

"This is all their stuff. All their first toys, and first cribs, first -- everything -- everything is memorable when it comes to our babies. We started buying new stuff to replace some of it, and that's all gone now too. The crib is turned over, everything we put in it, everything we put on our son's bed -- everything was affected by the water. It hurts my heart," said Shanna Kenney of Ponchatoula.

Now, the Kenney's are looking to the future.

"People kept calling us and asking us if we were going to move out now, it's happened twice. It's flooded twice in five months. It's not a very good selling point for a house. We just have to come together like we always do as Louisiana and rebuild -- that's what we do. Survive and keep moving forward," said Brad Kenney.