Chaps Chicken dishes up home style fried chicken and more

If you drive down Harrison Avenue between West End Blvd. and Fleur De Lis Drive, you just might miss Chaps Chicken. That would truly be a shame. Chaps is small Lakeview restaurant that is BIG on taste. As the name would indicate, chicken is the focal point of Chaps menu. Chaps' fried chicken is served as dinners containing 2, 3 and 4 pieces of chicken plus one side. You can also get just chicken in counts of 8, 12, 16 and 24 pieces. Chaps also serves great chicken tenders that are large and flavorful. These tenders are also used to create Chaps own chicken and waffles.

The chicken and waffles are not listed on Chaps menu because they are a part of Chaps' Wednesday theme of Chef's choice. You see, Chaps does a daily special Monday through Friday. Wednesday is a chef's choice day. So if you are an adventurous type, you can play a game of culinary roulette each Wednesday at Chaps.

And although they may not serve the Chicken and Waffles everyday, you can get that golden, crispy, flavorful chicken whenever you choose. Chaps takes a very simple and straightforward approach to its fried chicken. Fresh chicken is given a quick dip in a water and milk bath. It is then dredged in a seasoned flour and fried up crispy in peanut oil. When I say crispy, I mean "crispy". That peanut oil really gives Chaps chicken a lively crisp texture. Chaps serves a garlic and mayo based sauce called Toum sauce. Some of Chaps regulars gave Chaps the idea for this sauce awhile back and it has stayed on the menu since. If you like mayo and you like garlic, lots and lots of garlic. This sauce is for you. It works great with fried chicken, but could also be used for nearly anything fried. I can't state strongly enough that this sauce is LOADED with garlic. If nothing else, head over to Chaps just to check out this sauce.

Chaps also does sandwiches. They offer them up on buns, french bread and white or wheat bread. Check out their Cuban, regulars rave about it. Chaps has almost a dozen sides to go with that chicken, sandwich or seafood you are ordering. Seating is limited, so pack a little patience along with your appetite.