Beloved Pikachu statue removed from Garden District fountain

Pikachu Gone

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Did you get your picture taken next to the #Pokemonument that went up in the Garden District? If you haven’t already, it’s too late.

The person or persons who say they created the now famous Pikachu statue and placed it on an empty fountain in the Garden District have removed it from its temporary home on Terpischore Street.

The artists said on a website that the #Pokemonument, which attracted thousands of fans and had pictures shared across the globe, was “never conceived to be a permanent installation.”

Pokemon statue

“We would like to use that positive momentum to bring about a larger, more permanent change for our community,” the artists said. “Public sculpture, whether sanctioned or not, has the potential to transform and energize community spaces.”

The artists said they have donated the statue to the Coliseum Square Association so the group can auction it off and raise money to restore fountains in the Terpischore park.