Castle’s fictional crime-solving novelist authors actual mystery books?

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - Castle fans know that the TV show is about a crime-solving mystery novelist. But did you know there are actual books by “Richard Castle” out in bookstores? And we're not talking about one or two promotional books. At least 10 have been written!

But the real mystery here, who’s the real author?

WGNO Anchor Jacki Jing went to Tubby & Coos bookstore in Mid-City to investigate. But Owner Candice Huber seemed just as clueless as us!

“No one really knows who the real author is, every thing’s done from Castle’s viewpoint – from the introduction to the inscription to the author note to the blurb on the back. Everything is Richard Castle,” said Huber.

This is all very funny, but the actual author has to show up to book signings.

“Nathan Fillion actually does book signings for the book,” said Huber.

We're running out of ideas, but some sleuths are still on the case!

“The people I know that have read it are all trying to solve the mystery of who’s actually writing the books. They’re all talking about the different theories that they have. Everything from it has to be a woman because some things Castle does in the books are womanly things or he thinks like a woman in the books. To it has to be Tom Straw because there’s too many references to him in there. So I think people are really interested in who the actual author is," said Huber.

Well, we do have some clues:

“The people who created this show says the people who write the books has been on the show before. On the blurb on the back of the book which is actually Nathan Fillion’s photo, it talks about some different awards Castle has won and one of them is the Tom Straw award – and Tom Straw is a real author, a real mystery author – and he has been on the show before as well," said Huber.

I guess we’ll all have to keep on digging into the "THE MYSTERY OF THE MYSTERY WRITER FOR THE MYSTERY BOOKS ABOUT THAT MYSTERY SHOW"...

Alright – let's leave the mystery writing to Richard Castle – or whoever the author may be.

“What makes this interesting is the mystery – behind the mysteries," said Huber.

Huber also told WGNO that the books are pretty popular, but she thinks a lot of show fans don’t know about the books.

If you want to check them out, some are available at Tubby & Coos.

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  • Bev

    The real author is Tom Straw, a writer friend of Andrew Marlowe. Mr. Straw has been on the show, as a background performer in the episode, “When the Bough Breaks.” He previously wrote television comedies.

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