New airline offers cheap flights to Cancun, Cincinnati & Branson from MSY

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Want to go to Branson, Missouri? How about Cincinnati, Ohio? Or Cancun, Mexico?

If you want to fly to Branson or Cincinnati, it will cost you $200 round trip, starting May 6th.

Starting May 7th, you can get a round trip ticket to Cancun for just $400.

Currently, the Louis Armstrong International Airport has 13 airlines and 45 non stop flights. The most the airport has ever had.

The New Orleans Aviation Board’s Executive Director Iftikhar Ahmad told WGNO he wants this growth to continue. Their goal is to increase the number of people coming to New Orleans, which will help the economy by boosting tourism and creating jobs. Also a busy airport attracts business.

He wants MSY to be competitive and have lots of airlines and flights, which will keep prices low. He says adding this new airline will help them achieve their goals.

“New Orleans is going through a┬árenaissance.┬áThis airport is going through a renaissance. With these kinds of announcements, it’s just sending a message from New Orleans to the rest of the world that we’re open for business and the airport is doing it’s part and leading the way,” say Ahmed

“Cancun explains itself, but it’s affordable and to have that direct connection from Branson is a win for the people of New Orleans,” said Ty Lewis of Branson AirExpress.

The airport’s aviation board is constantly talking with other airlines, trying to get them to fly in and out of New Orleans.
Ahmad told WGNO they’re making traction with some of them and he hopes to make more announcements like this one soon, but it’s a long process.

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