Professional makeup tips for Halloween including ‘Elsa’ and ‘Vampire’ tutorials

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Bust out your brushes and throw traditional beauty rules out the window. Bigger, bolder, makeup is best for Halloween.
"Contacts always make a really good look. Those are going to be, probably, your most expensive purchase but for the most part you can get a really good look for under fifty dollars," says professional makeup artist Margo Clark.

Whether you’re going good or evil, take your makeup game to the next level with these tools.
"Good eye primer to make sure its going to stay on all night, a great base underneath the makeup will make it last longer and make it more vibrant. Cream palettes, you can do that as well, a good primer, cream makeup and eye shadow on top. It's going to stay, it's going to last, it won't budge," says Clark.

Since Elsa is by far the most requested Halloween costume, we're going to get frozen.
"For Elsa, it's going to be pretty simple, it's beauty makeup. Purple and pink eye shadows and a pink lip and great lashes as well with some glitter and a great wig, a nice dress... It's pretty simple. And she's finished!"

Our Elsa look is complete but let's take things over to the dark side.
"Definitely what's happening in TV shows and movies influences people's decisions in their costumes. Zombies are always going to be around, vampires, you know things like that. Try to plan it out ahead, don't wait until last-minute and then run to the Halloween shop because you're going to overpay usually for most of your products and you're going to get less of an option," says makeup artist Brian Zurek.

Dark lipstick, a dark contour and of course fake blood quickly take you from Disney princess to Dracula.
"You can buy bloods. Halloween stores will sell them, costume shops, online, there are plenty of realistic looking bloods. A good tip to apply those bloods instead of just smearing it on would be to use something like this, little stippling sponges help dramatically," says Zurek.

"This is our vampire look, this is what we came up with today. We have added the neck wound, fangs, the blood and some contouring, kept the original beauty makeup we did earlier and she's ready to go out."

The best makeup tip is to have fun and getting messy, what are you afraid of?