Olympic Champion, Greg Louganis is ‘Back on Board’ with new Documentary

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The New Orleans Film Festival wraps up tonight, but before it does, there's an incredible new documentary: "Back on Board: Greg Louganis" which tells the story of the "The Greatest Diver of all-time"!

Olympic Champion, Greg Louganis has quite the story to tell.  His new documentary dives into the depths of his life.

"Through my life, a history, very poignant,"  Louganis said.

The film is making a splash.  It takes a look at this life over the past 3 years, his struggles with financial security and his reunion with a sport he once dominated.

"My journey back into diving, my last Olympics was 1988."

In the 1988 Olympics, Louganis made headlines world-wide when he hit his head on the diving board during the preliminaries.  He went on to bring home the gold.  It was later revealed that Louganis was HIV positive and gay.

"The film touches on HIV history.  All of our friends and family were dying around us, the young people forget, because they didn't have to live through it.  The film brings to light where we've been and where we are today,"  Louganis said.

In the story of his love, he has a love story to tell.  Louganis married New Orleans native, Johnny Chaillot last year in Malibu.

"We met on Match.com.  I just set up my profile and the first request I got was from Greg Louganis,"  Chaillot said.

They both say that the world is changing for the good in terms of acceptance.

"Love is love and that should not be legislated,"  he said.

The documentary also touches on the struggles he had being a gay athlete in the sports world.  He feels he helped pave the way for athletes today.

"It paved the way for Tom Daly to come forward, Michael Sam, and Jason Collins,"  he said.

Today, Louganis mentors the U.S. Diving Team.  Through his ups and downs, he hopes he can inspire.

"I believe in forgiveness and love."

And we just had to ask what he did with his gold medals.

"I keep giving them away.  It's in the history books.  I don't need proof that I got them,"  Louganis said.

"Back on Board: Greg Louganis" is showing at the Prytania Theatre on Thursday, October 23rd at 7:45 p.m.