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Tower of Pizza…

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I had the chance to grab a pizza tonight, so I headed to an old favorite in Metairie. I wanted to do a Devour Power segment on Tower, but the folks there weren’t interested, so here it is on my blog. Tower Pizza on Veterans Boulevard is a perfect example of an authentic pizzeria. From the simple menu (pizza, salads, spaghetti and meatballs), to the simple red and white checkered tablecloths, to the large windows for watching the pizza making magic. This place is what you think of when you think of a pizzeria. It is a simple place that is great for families. In fact, if there are kids in the place, don’t be surprised if they are lined up against that large window inspecting the pizza making progress.

I ordered a 12 inch pizza for carry out. The gal told me it would be ready in twenty minutes. When I walked in it was packed. I don’t think there was an empty table in the place. A waitress greeted me took my name (and bang) there was my pizza. I ordered my pie with extra cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms and black olives. My pizza cost me about $16. Tower can be a little pricey, but then again this is honest to goodness pizza from scratch. When it comes to pizza, I always order it with extra cheese. I mean come on, you can never have too much cheese on a pizza, right? The crust is a hand tossed crust that can skew a little towards the thin side, but it has great flavor and it was baked perfectly. The cheese was also done just right. It was that golden hue with little brown splotches where the cheese bubbled up from the pizza oven. Mmmmm! The toppings on the pizza were a fair amount. The pepperoni on Tower’s pizza is thin sliced and couldn’t be detected from looking at the pizza but it certainly was there. I was pleased with the amount of mushrooms and black olives on my pie. I’ve always wondered why anyone would skimp on pizza toppings. What is the point of that?

While I timed the pick-up of my pizza perfectly and I certainly enjoyed it to go, I have to confess that I prefer to eat Tower’s pizza at Tower of Pizza. I love the feel of the place. I’ve never had bad service there and it’s just a cool “old school” environment. The menu at Tower is very simple. They serve pizza (in 12-inch and 16-inch sizes), salads (some say they have the best “Italian Salad” around), and spaghetti and meatballs. That’s it! It is refreshing to see places that don’t get too complicated. It’s easy to get lost in a rat race of kids items, appetizers, and desserts. Tower of Pizza is doing none of that. I applaud them for that. So if you want a great pizza in a simple unpretentious environment, try Tower of Pizza. A place that keeps it about what’s really important, the food…