HAHAs and TATAs Heats Up the CBD with Giggles and Jiggles

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The Union Station in the CBD has come up with an idea so insanely simple, there`s no reason to be sad or lonely ever again in the City of New Orleans.

Because now, there’s “funny'” and “‘sexy” in the same show!

It’s called HAHAs and TATAs !

Get it?

The bi-monthly Tuesday night performance features a concoction of indulgence and laughter with an absence of complication.

“Because like, nothing turns you on more than comedy and burlesque at the same time,” says comedian Niki Scarlet.

“It`s a great combination. Plus we run crazy awesome drink specials,” says Union Station’s Talor Neeley who conferred with burlesque dancer Ji Ji Ignatius to come up with the plan. “I`m a great fan of burlesque. And I know it hasn`t really gotten into the CBD quite yet.”

“She was looking for live entertainment and I suggested some burlesque,” says Ji Ji. “We will continue on until we can`t do it anymore.”

Correction…  WGNO Mistakenly broadcast Union Station is on Freret Street. Sorry. This awesome bar is on St. Josephs Street in the CBD.


HAHAs and TATAs runs every other Tuesday night at the Union Station starting at 10 p.m.

735 St. Joseph St. in  New Orleans

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