Saints Pre-Season Training Continues On The North Shore

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Opportunity waits for football fans to get up close and personal.

The New Orleans Saints practice Wednesday at Mandeville High School.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter tells us what police are doing to prepare for large crowds.

Pre-season training for the New Orleans Saints continues Wednesday on the North Shore; and fans couldn’t be more excited.

“My husband’s very excited,” Jessica LaCroix said.

Practice will be at Mandeville High School from 7-9pm.

But no one will be allowed to park on campus until after school lets out at 3:30pm

“As soon as school lets out, they’re letting everybody come in,” Kylie Powelson said.

Barricades are starting to go up.

“We have no doubt it’s going to be a peaceful crowd, but we fully anticipate it’s going to be a very large crowd,” Mandeville Police Lt. Gerald Sticker said.

Mandeville Police are expecting anywhere from 4 to 6 thousand fans.

Extra officers will be working in and around the stadium to assist Saints security personnel.

People around town are ready.

“Uhm, Drew Brees, Sean Payton, it’s a new season so see what’s going to happen this year,” LaCroix said.

The buzz has generated a boost in business for Saints apparel at Mike’s Den

“I think everyone is really excited that they’re actually coming to the north shore and showing support over here,” Powelson said.

Trotter asked one fan, “(Are you) Excited about it? I’m going to have to take a different way home,” he replied.

“It’s a residential area so we are concerned for the residents that live on skipper drive and Mandeville High Boulevard,” Lt. Sticker said.

Parking will be limited around school grounds.

Traffic officers will patrol the area looking for violations; and making sure driveways and fire hydrants aren’t blocked.

“Everything that we’re doing is just to plan for that large number of people and to accommodate them and get them in and get them out safely as possible,” Lt. Sticker said.

Mandeville Police are reminding Saints fans that tailgating is not allowed on school property, coolers are not

allowed inside the stadium, and Louisiana law prohibits alcohol on school grounds.