Sonic, a tale of half price cheeseburgers and all day breakfast..

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Yesterday, Sonic had a half-price cheeseburger promotion running. I decided to stop buy and grab a couple. Normally, I hit Sonic for stuff like hot dogs, slushes and milkshakes. I love the milkshakes at Sonic. I also love the fact that Sonic serves breakfast all day. I rarely  get the opportunity to have breakfast at the normal breakfast hours because I work second shift and usually sleep in. However, I love breakfast food. Whether it is pancakes or breakfast sandwiches or eggs of almost any style, I love breakfast. So, having a restaurant that serves breakfast items anytime is great. I also give kudos to Jack in the Box for serving breakfast all day. Even though yesterday was about the half-price cheeseburgers, I had to grab a couple items off of the breakfast menu. My choice was two of the Jr. Breakfast Burritos (for a whopping total of $2). The burritos are filled with eggs, cheese, and sausage. They are quite tasty.


Okay, on to the burgers. My half-price cheeseburgers were pretty good size. They were not the Sonic Jr. Cheeseburgers. They had American cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles, and mayonnaise on them. The buns they were served on were toasted. They had a really good flavor and I liked the way the fixins tasted together. I was really happy that they didn’t have ketchup on them. I am not a big ketchup fan. They didn’t have mustard on them either. I like mustard but didn’t miss it on these cheeseburgers. With the special, the two cheeseburgers cost me $2.50 (so they would normally be $2.50 a piece).

I also grabbed a few sides to go with my half-price burgers and Jr. Breakfast Burritos. I have mentioned before that I love onion rings. So, I grabbed a large order of Sonic’s onion rings. I also grabbed a large order of Sonic’s tater-tots. The tater-tots were good. They were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They tasted great! Ya know so many times when you order from a restaurant whether it be fast food, casual dining or fine dining, it’s the basic stuff that makes or breaks the meal. Setting and ambiance and service are all important, but at the end of the day it IS really about the food or dish. Does it matter if it’s the coolest most hip restaurant in the city if the steak isn’t cooked to your liking? Does it matter that it’s fast or a bargain if your order is wrong or the food isn’t cooked properly? I mean how many times have you pulled through a drive through only to find that the sandwich you ordered without onions is loaded with onions? Or how aggravating is it when you reach into the bag and grab fries that are either cold, or dried out and stale? Both my onion rings and tater-tots were properly prepared and very tasty. Well played Sonic!

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My experience on “half-price cheeseburger day” at Sonic was a good one. I’m sure that I will visit Sonic again, if for nothing else than to have breakfast in the afternoon or a milkshake to cut the August heat (I should also mention that Sonic is doing half-price milkshakes after 8pm). I will certainly be more willing to hit the burgers on Sonic’s menu to go with my tater-tots and onion rings instead of the hot dogs. Wait, who am I kidding? I’ll do burgers AND dogs…