Homeless Forced To Move Their Camps Head to Camp Street

This week, city workers forced a community of homeless people to move away from under the Pontchartrain Expressway where they’d set up a cluster of tents.

The city called the camp a health hazard.

By Friday, many of the same homeless people had simply relocated their tents a few streets away, under the same stretch of expressway, to Camp Street near the National World War II Museum.

None of them agreed to appear on-camera for an interview.  But away from the camera, they told WGNO News that they expect to be forced from their new location as well.

A spokesperson for Mayor Mitch Landrieu would not confirm any plans to push the tent community out of its new location.  But in a statement, the spokesperson said that the city would continue to work with the homeless community to transition them into clean and safe shelter.


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