5 Top Picks for Lower-Salt Cajun Seasoning Blends

Cajun seasoning is a staple in any South Louisiana kitchen, but some of the popular brands can be loaded with salt. In today’s Get the Skinny, Molly’s sharing top picks for low- and no-sodium Cajun seasoning blends that pack in all of the flavor, with a fraction of the salt.


Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Magic Seasoning Blends – 80-100 mg sodium per ¼ teaspoon

In varieties like Blackened Seafood Magic, Blackened Meat Magic, Blackened Steak Magic, etc.


Chef Paul Prudhomme’s No Salt/No Sugar Magic Seasoning Blends – 0 sodium

Available in Lemon & Cracked Pepper, Sweet & Spicy, Seven Herb, Toasted Onion & Garlic, Six Spice


Frere Jean Salt Free Cajun Seasoning – 0 mg sodium

Available in Cajun, Preferred Seafood, and Sweet & Cajun


Magic Mike’s Seasonings – 0 sodium

Available in Original, Smoking Hot, Mesquite, & Coffee


Rouses Cajun Seasoning – 120 mg sodium per ¼ teaspoon

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